Who will benefit

The Zijlsloep is intended for everyone who wants to go sailing in comfort, but also on an engine - though quietly - through a town or a nature area. Its whole design is aimed at simple handling and stability, single-handed sailing, even for less experienced sailors. Due to the spacious and handy hull design, the Zijlsloep will accept two handful of people in spite of its short hull.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these descriptions?
Zijlsloep 510 Basic

  • You have always sailed but now you are ready for more comfort and less wet
  • You want to sail but also to boat on an engine through a nature reserve
  • You want to go sailing but are fed up with the noise and stench of two-stroke, gasoline or diesel
  • You want to go sailing but your partner is not impressed
  • Your partner wants to go sailing but you are not impressed
  • You consider sailing the ultimate but down-town a motorboat does have an advantage
  • You like boating a civil lifeboat (called a 'sloep' in Dutch) but do want to sail now and then
  • You are ready for something completely different

So it is time to meet the Zijlsloep, a classic looking small ship but fully from this era.