Technical Details

Zijlsloep hull shape


Sailing civil liferaft, water displacement 0,8 ton
Double ender
S-shaped hull with lengthwise keel
External rudder
LOA 540; WL 480; W 210; D 75
H 625 (mast standing); 135 (mast lowered); 120 (w/o mast)
Ballast 100kg
Category CE-C, ISO 12217-3 (see European Boatbuilder 7 and 8)
Hull: shipyard De Vioolsleutel, type Vioolsloep 510
Zijlsloep 510 with a personal touch

Sail parts

Cat rigging: mainsail with boom and gaff
Mainsail: 14.8m2, 1 reef binding, 270 gram beige dacron
Mast, boom and gaff: Oregon pine, highgloss laquer
Stainless mast cleats and strain resistant pulleys
Tabernacle with quick lock
Front stay with quick tensioner
Ancher roll on bow
Standing rigging: four 1x19 mm stainless steel rigging
Running rigging: 10 mm drop with stainless steel snap closures
Lazy jacks: 6 mm
Main sail : 10 mm polyester sheet with hard tissue pulley with curry clamp
Stainless steel support for mast
Mast, rigging and sail: Niek Goes (Sailing)
Zijlsloep electric POD engine

Motor Drive

Underwater POD electric PODMaster 2.0 (your choice)
24V, 2.0 kW (87% efficiency)
Low-speed motor, without reduction (1800 rpm)
Joystick; computer displaying capacity, consumption and time remaining
24V (motor) and 12V (light, pump and the outlets)
Charger 230V; 24V 280Ah batteries (depends on your choice)
Propeller, bronze three blade 7 "
Engine: Mastervolt (your choice)